The Silver Willow Gallery & Guest House provides a unique blend of community gallery and guest accommodation.  The combination, well different, was a perfect fit to make this personal vision a reality.
For close to three years prior to 2004, artists from the area had been searching for a viable space that could be used as a gallery.  Then while visiting family friends, the opportunity to purchase the home at 615 Redcoat Drive came up in conversation, and the wish to give artists an venue to showcase their work became a real possibility.
With only a few days to come up with a plan on how to make this gallery work for the artist, be an asset to the community and be self sustaining, another idea came into play.  It was a fact that visitors needed to have more options for accommodation in the community.  So, the quaint little house on Redcoat Dr., nestled in the trees along the Frenchman River and right on the main street through town, revealed itself as the perfect setting and location.  The thought of combining the two ideas was ideal and the plan was put in motion.
With a leap of faith and a great deal of forward-thinking, the Smith home was purchased by Laurie Reynolds with the support of her husband Wynn in the fall of 2004. After the first phase of renovations were completed, the grand opening took place on July 1st, 2005.  It is Laurie’s mission to do what she can to support artists, and keep them doing what they love.  It allow her to share her passion for the arts and her pride in her home town of Eastend.
The Silver Willow Gallery & Guest House offers a friendly, home-style setting for artists and guests alike.  The bright, open floor plan can easily be transformed from comfortable guest accommodation, to a venue for small gatherings whether it be a performance, reading or an art show.



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